2021 Asset Management & Servicing Winners

Defined Contribution Plans

J.P. Morgan Winner

With its strong menu of fund choices and a deep expertise in target-date funds (TDFs), J.P. Morgan has long been a leader for defined contribution (DC) plans. The firm has some smart ideas about asset management in DC plans. For instance, it advocates a portfolio have a 10% exposure to real estate, saying that stands to increase a portfolio’s ending balance by one-tenth. Part of its strength is its strong dependence on data analysis. “Two decades of research and the behavioral data of millions of participants fuel our investment decisions, which helps more people cross the retirement finish line,” the firm says.

JPM has a special prowess in TDFs. It offers a wide variety of TDF configurations. For instance, its JPMorgan SmartRetirement Blend Income Fund ($700 million in assets) wins five stars from Morningstar over five years. At the same time, JPM is fully capable of crafting a personalized glide path for a beneficiary. The firm prides itself on what it calls “volatility controls” to keep portfolios intact during rough times, which could endanger retirements. As the company explains it, “We maintain a lower risk profile near retirement to protect against market volatility.”


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