2021 Asset Management & Servicing Winners

Public Fixed Income

LGIM America Winner

With extensive credit experience, far-ranging market intelligence, and a disciplined operation to find the right asset allocation, LGIM America employs tightly controlled duration and yield curve positioning. Its active fixed-income team seeks to produce returns that allow clients to meet or exceed their benchmarks in both good and bad markets.

What’s more, LGIM America’s credit analysts bring environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors to bear in forging their fundamental analysis. The firm is focused on matching liabilities with fixed-income portfolios that manage short-term cash flow needs in an effort to improve the efficiency of their return-seeking assets. 


• Fidelity

• Goldman Sachs

• Income Research + Management (IR+M) in Boston

• Neuberger Berman

• Prudential

• Pugh Capital Management