2021 Knowledge Brokers

Mario Giannini

As CEO, Giannini is responsible for Hamilton Lane’s strategic direction and oversees the development of the firm’s management structure and process. He also plays a significant role in providing client services to the firm’s numerous clients and in marketing the firm’s products and services. 

He received a Juris Doctor degree from Boston College, a Master of Laws degree from the University of Virginia, and a bachelor’s degree from California State University.

CIO: Given the impact of the pandemic, what new qualities are you looking for in asset managers/service providers?

Giannini: I’m not sure if they are new qualities I’m looking for, but the continued application of technology to the analysis and delivery of investment information, both internally and externally. The second aspect is the managers’ ability to hire and retain people in light of the different demands and expectations employees have on flexibility and working remotely.

CIO: What is your outlook for the financial world and the economy in the near future?

Giannini: I believe people will be surprised at the continued strength of capital markets globally for some period of time. Inflation will not be a major issue and interest rates will remain lower for longer than might be expected.

CIO: What advice are you giving these days on asset allocation?

Giannini: In an era of full valuation that is likely to continue for some time, lean into growth and into illiquid assets across all asset groups, whether equity, debt, or real assets.

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