Chief Investment Officer is pleased to present its 11th annual list of the world’s most influential investment consultants and advisers.

WHEN CHOOSING a consultant or adviser, it’s important to separate the wheat from the chaff and find those who are consistently at the top of their game.

At CIO, our goal, as always, is to present a list of top performers, or the top knowledge brokers in the industry. Knowledge Brokers are the strategic partners skilled at matching CIOs with the best opportunities for investment mandates. These individuals scout the globe for the most relevant investment managers and financial firms, considering fees, technology, performance and time horizons. They discover global as well as hyper-local opportunities. They spot trends and opportunities best suited to meeting the challenges of the moment and standing the test of time.

To sum up, Knowledge Brokers are individuals whom chief investment officers and other asset allocators would recommend to their peers.

In July, we asked CIOs and other allocators which consultants and advisers have “done right by them” for the current markets. Below are their choices of Knowledge Brokers for 2023.

Each Knowledge Broker was asked to choose three questions from a list seven to get a glimpse of their thoughts on investments and strategies. Click on their name to see their profile.

Knowledge Brokers

Nominations Open: May
List Makers Announced: August, honored at the CHIEF INVESTMENT OFFICER Industry Innovation Awards following the Influential Investors Forum in December.

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