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Thursday, May 5th, 2022
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Asset Allocation
Why Former Bond King Bill Gross Says Treasury Yields Will Double
High inflation won’t abate soon, he says in new book, which also covers his ill-starred history after PIMCO.
What Big Inflows into an ETF Tell Us About Bonds
Yes, long yields are heading up, and an inverted curve is less likely, say strategists.
Asset Allocation
Bonds Stink as a Refuge From Stocks, but BlackRock Sees a Work-Around
The firm makes a case for TIPS and Chinese government paper, as alternatives.
How CLOs, Despite Seeming Risky, Got to Be So Popular
In a triumph for structured finance, these packages of junk loans have up to now confounded any perils.
10-Year Treasury Yield Moves Higher
The benchmark nears 2% amid coming Fed hikes and surging inflation.
Private Credit: Too Risky? Not for Asset Allocators
Moody’s takes a dim view of direct lending, but the asset’s safety record is pretty good.
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