2018 Asset Management & Servicing Winners


Data & Technology

Backstop Solutions Winner
Backstop Solutions’ cloud-based offering for investment management firms catapulted itself onto the radar of many industry heavyweights this year after raising a new investment round and growing its list of institutional and alternative investment clients to more than 800 over the past year.

Backstop’s trajectory has put it well out in front of many of its competitors and also makes it a leader in the FinTech space broadly. Backstop’s offerings are well positioned to help asset owners further their modernization and automation plans. Backstop helps institutional asset owners optimize their research and portfolio management processes by enabling operations and due diligence teams to join qualitative and quantitative data to provide greater insights to the investment office.

With the new funding round, Backstop says it plans to grow its headcount and will begin making opportunistic acquisitions to improve its technological capabilities. As of December 17, Backstop had acquired BarclayHedge, a leading provider of alternative data and indices, to further enhance asset owners’ ability to perform research management. If successful, these add-ons could help the company maintain its role as an industry innovator for years to come.

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