2018 Asset Management & Servicing Winners


Transition Management

Pavilion Winner
Pavilion took the top spot in our transition management client satisfaction survey and it’s no surprise that it is a leader in transition management innovation as well. The transition management industry has gotten a bit tighter in recent years, and many have exited the industry. The ones that have stayed have evolved and perfected what they do and Pavilion is emblematic of that.

Along with its focus on client service, the firm has invested heavily in technology in an effort to be responsive to changes in the industry along with increased market complexity. Allocators are more focused than ever on cost efficiency as well as maintaining clear and compliant relationships with counterparties, all of which comes under the microscope during portfolio transition.

Pavilion is recognized for its ability to remove friction from the process and risk manage effectively so that both new and old relationships are buttoned up without any unintended consequences. As the firm looks ahead, it plans to keep transition management at the core of its business. “This is a service business, and it all comes down to how clients feel about their providers and the service they offer,” said Mario Choueiri, head of transition management.

Transition Management Finalists

• Macquarie

• Northern Trust

• Penserra

• State Street