2018 Asset Management & Servicing Winners



Invesco Winner
Invesco maintains an international involvement in ESG working groups and is a signatory to the UNPRI, UK Stewardship Code, and Japan Stewardship Code. The firm has also been recognized by the Financial Reporting Council for its robust approach to ESG and is designated as a Tier 1 firm in its ranking. The result has been a significant uptick in Invesco’s ESG business and its presence as a global advocate for sustainability with the companies it invests in.

Invesco is noted for its leadership on sustainability transparency reporting. The firm publishes an annual report that explores its efforts to improve sustainability with the companies it invests in, with the firm itself, and how it continues to develop innovative ESG investment solutions.

As a fiduciary for its clients, Invesco has put ESG principles at the center of its investment process recognizing that sustainability is fully aligned with a robust fiduciary standard. Invesco has also invested heavily in its ESG research process, not only aligning with emerging global ESG standards but including insights gained from its own diligence process into companies in an effort to clearly understand and forecast how sustainability will improve in its investment portfolio going forward.

ESG Finalists

• Acadian Asset Management

• BNP Paribas

• Generation Asset Management

• Voya Investment Management