2015 Liability-Driven Investment Survey

Vendor Ratings

BlackRock10 Responses

Overall Offering

Average Score 4.13 (+3.3% from 2014)
5 = Extremely satisfied 25%
4 63%
3 13%
2 0%
1 = Unsatisfied 0%

Average scores by category

Responsiveness to general inquiries 4.10
Timely performance reporting 4.40
New ideas and solutions 3.70
Knowledge sharing 3.90
Accessibility to investment team 3.70
Funded-status attribution 4.00

How/why BlackRock was selected

Existing relationship 40%
Consultant recommendation 10%
Board/staff due diligence 50%
Other 30%

BlackRock saw a marginal improvement on last year’s overall score of 4 out of 5— but based on this survey, they have yet to mount a critical challenge to the most highly rated providers.

While its scores are still well above ‘average,’ three of six category scores are below 4 out of 5, ranking them at or near the bottom of the league tables compared with other providers with 10 responses or more. Lowest of these scores were “access to investment team” and “new ideas and solutions,” both at 3.70. On the other hand, they received strong marks for “timely reporting,” (4.40) “responsiveness,” (4.10) and “funded-status attribution” (4.00)—evidence that the asset management giant still has a strong foundation on which to base their growing business.