2015 Liability-Driven Investment Survey

Vendor Ratings

NISA Investment Advisors27 Responses

Overall Offering

Average Score 4.77 (-2.7% from 2014)
5 = Extremely satisfied 77%
4 23%
3 0%
2 0%
1 = Unsatisfied 0%

Average scores by category

Responsiveness to general inquiries 4.85
Timely performance reporting 4.70
New ideas and solutions 4.41
Knowledge sharing 4.59
Accessibility to investment team 4.77
Funded-status attribution 4.08

How/why NISA was selected

Existing relationship 19%
Consultant recommendation 37%
Board/staff due diligence 63%
Other 41%

This industry legend saw a slight dip in its score compared to 2014—albeit from a very impressive 4.9 out of 5. It has been overtaken in three categories by GSAM, the new kid on the (ratings) block, but remains the best rated for response times and timely performance reporting.

A broader base of respondents than in 2014 also provides a more diverse range of opinions, so marginal changes to its scores are to be expected. It has also shown that NISA is less reliant on existing relationships: The firm’s reputation is enough to convince many consultants and investment boards. As the group diversifies into individual retirement-income products, the singular question is whether it can maintain its own high standards for the sector in which it made its name.

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