2015 Liability-Driven Investment Survey

Vendor Ratings

Goldman Sachs Asset Management16 Responses

Overall Offering

Average Score 4.83
5 = Extremely satisfied 83%
4 17%
3 0%
2 0%
1 = Unsatisfied 0%

Average scores by category

Responsiveness to general inquiries 4.85
Timely performance reporting 4.69
New ideas and solutions 4.92
Knowledge sharing 4.92
Accessibility to investment team 4.85
Funded-status attribution 4.50

How/why GSAM was selected

Existing relationship 77%
Consultant recommendation 8%
Board/staff due diligence 31%
Other 15%

GSAM is this year’s surprise package on its debut in CIO’s LDI survey. With 77% of respondents using the firm having selected it due to an existing relationship, it is evident that GSAM’s performance elsewhere is working wonders for its LDI business book. Its overall score sees it leapfrog long-term industry leader NISA, aided mainly by its innovation through “new ideas and solutions” and sharing of knowledge.

GSAM tops all rating categories except the timeliness of performance reporting, with a respectable score of 4.69, and funded-status attribution. GSAM had half as many responses as NISA and PIMCO, which may skew its scores to a degree—but with such a strong start in this survey, additional feedback may well serve to reinforce these numbers.

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