2015 Liability-Driven Investment Survey

Vendor Ratings

Legal & General Investment Management America16 Responses

Overall Offering

Average Score 4.71 (+8.8% from 2014)
5 = Extremely satisfied 71%
4 29%
3 0%
2 0%
1 = Unsatisfied 0%

Average scores by category

Responsiveness to general inquiries 4.56
Timely performance reporting 4.44
New ideas and solutions 4.44
Knowledge sharing 4.50
Accessibility to investment team 4.60
Funded-status attribution 4.71

How/why LGIMA was selected

Existing relationship 19%
Consultant recommendation 38%
Board/staff due diligence 38%
Other 25%

The most improved since last year, LGIMA saw its overall score rise from 4.33 to 4.71 out of 5.

A total of 71% of respondents said they were “extremely satisfied” with the service they had received from LGIMA. Its responsiveness and accessibility to investment team stand out as particularly strong scores, just marginally behind leaders Goldman Sachs Asset Management and NISA Investment Advisors.

Most notably, LGIMA received the highest rating for funded-status attribution.

As it expands into new business areas such as indexing, this year’s survey results indicate that liability-driven investment is an area of strength with a bank of satisfied clients.

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